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  1. Order of presentation should be Title, Author, Address, Abstract, Introduction, Material and Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion and References.
  2. Supply address, phone No., e-mail address and fax.
  3. All the correspondence be addressed to Editor-in-Chief
  4. Paper should be, either, accompanied/followed by a letter of recommendation from a referee, well versed in the subject, or, names of two referees be submitted along with.
  5. Diagrams and tables should fit within the column (3.2"x 9.5")., if unavoidable, fit within the limits of the page (7.00"x 9.5"). Fonts for tables & captions: 9-Time New Roman
  6. References; not in alphabetical order or year wise. Should be numbered to conform to their order in the text. First reference appearing in the text be printed as [1] and numbered as 1. in the list of references at the end and second reference [2] in the text be subsequently numbered 2, so on and so forth. Use square brackets [ ] to indicate reference in the text.
  7. References in the list at the end be given in the order; Author, source/document(italic), volume(bold), page and year
  8. J. Am. Chem. Soc., 13(2), 223-227(2001)
Submission be accompanied by a certificate that the paper has not been submitted elsewhere, published before or plagiarized.
Only  composed papers, in conformity with style sheet,below will be entertained for further actions.
Always mention 1st author(principal author) when making inquiry about the status of the paper.
Foreign: $ 150.00 US for 4 pages of the journal

Additional: $ 15.00 for each page.
(author to bear bank charges)

Local:  Rs. 12,000.00 for 4 pages of the journal.

(Fast Track: Rs. 15000/-)

 Additional: Rs 150.00 for each page.

 (Not  refundable).
Same rates apply in
in their own currency
Mode of Payment:
Foreign and Local:   Cheque/pay order in favor of
 11 D, Sabzazar, Wahdat Road, Lahore, Pakistan.
To avoid banking formalities,

Direct to     

Muhammad Azam Sheikh

Preferably; by
Fonts , Alignment & Spacings
Title: 14-Arial, Center , Single
 Author: 10- Time New Roman; center, Single
 Address: 9-Time New Roman, Center, Single
 Abstract: 10-Time New Roman,-Italic; Justified, Exactly 11
 All in single column.
Body Text and References: 10-Time New Roman, Normal, justified, Exactly 11
 Double Column;
 Space between columns: 0.2in
 Titles: 10-Arial, Capital Bold.
 Sub-titles: 10-Time New Roman, Normal Bold.
 Tables: 9-Time new Roman
 Figure Captions: 9-Time New Roman.
 Insert number of the references in the text in square brackets and make list accordingly.
 Author and year only where it is grammatically necessary.
Rosado, R. and Bemal, A. J. L., “Optimization of the Power Distribution Network Design by Applications of Genetic Algorithms, International Journal of Power and Energy Systems, 15(3): 104-110(1995)
 Journal/source of information- Italic;

Vol - Bold;

Year at the end of the reference  

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