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Research Terminates at Infinity

Knowledge has no limits:

 Though, research at a higher level has assumed immeasurable
dimensions with its classification into different fields of study, yet
, there are matters of mutual interest to give a comprehensive
treatment to the subject under investigation. In surmounting the
problems in respective areas of research, one is invariably
forced to encroach other disciplines. There are a number of
instances of joint ventures, involving scientists from divergent
fields of study, to develop consensus to conclude. In the strict
sense, Research at the top level has resisted being colonized
or survive in isolation. The alliance of natural, life and social
sciences has provided new dimensions leading to a new
era of interactions between man and nature. Nature has
always been compromising whenever man intellectually
approached to share its secrets.

 For example,

Study in genetics, has impact on a number of physical
and biological sciences.

Research in crystallography is extensively applied by
physicists, chemists and chemical engineers etc. alike.

Computer simulation is matter of universal interest.

Environmental studies has motivated almost all the
sectors of science to share responsibilities in the wake
of growing pollution. The kind of forum, thus,
contemplated by the science international is aimed at
providing common room, from various fields of pure
and applied scientists, for direct communication. The
cross breeding of ideas certainly helps in the exploration
of new avenues in the world of science.




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HEC Chairman Should Immediately Resign Over Poor Performance: Federal Academic Staff Association

By Contributors -

May 22, 2017




Islamabad: Newly elected cabinet of Federation of All Pakistan Universities Academic Staff Association (FAPUASA) has demanded from HEC Chairman Dr. Mukhtar Ahmad to tender resignation immediately over poor performance.

Elections of FAPUASA concluded on Sunday where Dr. Kaleemullah Barech from University of Balochistan was elected President, Dr. Muhammad Shoaib from UET Lahore was elected Vice president, Dr. Shakeel Farooqi from Karachi University was elected General Secretary, Dr. Raza Ali Khan was elected as Executive Member Engineering and Dr. Hamayon Khan was elected as Ex-Officio member.

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In a joint press statement after election, cabinet of FAPUASA vowed to protect the autonomy of universities in Pakistan. “We demand devolution of Higher Education Commission as per 18th Constitutional Amendment and establishment of provincial HECs for implementation of recent judgment of Lahore High Court.

We demand devolution of Higher Education Commission as per 18th Constitutional Amendment and establishment of provincial HECs for implementation of recent judgment of Lahore High Court – FAPUASA

FAPUASA also demanded to end interference in internal affairs of universities and urged respect for statutory bodies of universities. The press statement also asked the Law Enforcement Agencies to vacate the premises of University of Balochistan.

Earlier, Dr. Fareed Khan was elected as President of Balochistan Chapter. Dr. Shehzad Ashraf (IIUI) President of Islamabad Chapter, Dr. Hamayon as President of KPK Chapter. Dr. Javed Ahmad (BZU) as President of Punjab Chapter and Dr. Naimat Ullah Laghari as President of Sindh Chapter.


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